The innovative USB spirometer

The Spirostik is the innovative USB-based solution for PC spirometry. The excellent hygiene concept and the ergonomic design help to save time in daily practice. With the powerful BLUE CHERRY® diagnostic software platform, Spirostik is the perfect tool for screening restrictive and obstructive pulmonary diseases such as pulmonary fibrosis, COPD or Asthma.

Important documents

Disposable Flow Sensors

Replacing the flow sensor after each patient allows for a maximum standard of hygiene.

Simple everyday practice

Simply connect the Spirostik to the computer like a USB stick.

Intuitive software

The user-friendly BLUE CHERRY®  software supports you with an automatic interpretation of findings.

Minimal dead space

Due to the extremely small volume of the sensor, the Spirostik is suitable for measuring small children.

Spirometry - The basis of lung function

Spirometry is an essential tool for the screening, diagnosis and monitoring of restrictive and obstructive pulmonary diseases such as pulmonary fibrosis, COPD or asthma, making it a valuable tool in all medical fields that deal with patients with breathing difficulties. Especially against the background of the increasing number of COPD patients and post-Covid, early diagnosis through appropriate screening is becoming increasingly important.


Spirostik – A plus in hygiene and comfort

The Spirostik spirometer is designed for the single patient use Spiraflow flow sensor. A new flow sensor instead of a filter eliminates the risk of cross-contamination between patients. This concept also eliminates the increased dead space and flow resistance associated with the use of bacterial/viral filters. Packaged together with the nose clip (soft clip), the hygiene concept also extends to the operator. With the simple, ergonomic snap-in handle, the Spiraflow can be inserted and removed straight out of the box without having to touch the sensor.


Quick and easy in everyday practice

With its small size and easy USB connection, any PC running the BLUE CHERRY® software suite can become a spirometer simply by plugging the Spirostik into an available USB port. This makes Spirostik ideal for use in different rooms or even for mobile applications, such as use in occupational medicine or home visits as a screening tool. The device comes in a sturdy carrying case that keeps it safe and tidy during transport.


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Accessories to the Spirostik

Spiraflow & Softclip Set

Set of disposable flow sensor with small dead space and comfortable to wear nose clip. Continuous quality control checks in production ensure reliable measurement results.


The Ambistik system extension continuously measures the temperature, air pressure and humidity of the environment. The Ambistik thus offers fully automatic BTPS correction in real time for precise measurement results.

Questions and answers

The Spirostik can be used to measure slow vital capacity (SVC), forced vital capacity (FVC, flow/volume loop) and maximum voluntary ventilation (MVV).

Yes, a (semi-)automatic interpretation according to ATS/ERS 2005 is included. In addition, a proprietary interpretation graphic allows a quick visual evaluation of the results.

Yes, the acceptability and reproducibility of the examinations are automatically evaluated according to ATS/ERS 2019 or alternatively ATS/ERS 2005.

Reference values ​​from GLI 2012, ECCS 1993, NHANES III, Zapletal and many more are available. These can be displayed as absolute reference values, LLN, ULN, but also in relation to the measured values ​​as % reference and Z score.

Yes, the data is stored on a central SQL database. This means that the data can be accessed from several computers. The Spirostik can be used together with other devices from Geratherm Respiratory in a network via the common BLUE CHERRY® software platform.