Geratherm Medical AG is awarded as Hidden Champion

The Geratherm Medical AG has made it among the world market leaders from Thuringia with the production of mercury-free glass thermometers. The State Development Corporation of Thuringia (LEG) presented us with a certificate on May 31, 2023 as a hidden champion. With our products, which we are sold worldwide, we are one of the high-performing medium-sized companies in Germany.

With the new campaign, the LEG wants to show the innovative strength and market power of the Thuringian economy. Board member Christian Frick said: "We are very pleased about the appreciation and recognition of our achievements in medical technology and our long tradition at our headquarters in Thuringia. With innovative products in the field of medical diagnostics, lung function measurement, stroke prevention and incubator systems, we are excellently positioned to continue growing in the future.”

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