12-Channel Body Array Coil 1.5 / 3.0 T

Premature babies often come into the world with not yet fully developed organs. Therefore, these organs are often limited in their functional capabilities and very prone to illness. Complementary to the MR Diagnostics Incubator System nomag®IC advanced there is a multi-channel body coil, with which detailed pictures of the chest and abdomen of the small patients can be made.


  • 12-Channel Coil, consisting of 2 elements, which can be used as one or in combination:

         1. Part integrated in the lying surface (8-Channel)

         2. Part as separate coil (4-Channel)
  • high resolution MR scan of the body of premature and newborn babies up to a weight of about 4,500 g
  • Approved for use in MR Diagnostics Incubator Systems nomag®IC and nomag®IC advanced

Compatible with the software versions of:

  • Siemens (VA, VB, VD, VE)
  • Philips (≥ 3.2, ≥5.1.7)
  • GE (DV 24/25/26/27/28/29)
  • GE (SV 25/25.1)

Additional compatibilities in preparation