Increase your chances of getting pregnant

The Geratherm® ovu control provides all women who wish to have children with reliable information about their fertile days every day during the ovulation phase. With the help of the mini microscope, you can examine your dried saliva and detect your fertile days. If you see a ferning-pattern, this is an indication that ovulation is imminent. At this time, your chances of conception are especially high. The latest study results show a sensitivity of the procedure of more than 98% from three days before ovulation.



Important Documents


The test can be reused after each cleaning and thus does not generate any garbage, unlike conventional ovulation tests.

Scientifically Tested

The principle of operation and sensitivity of the test were confirmed in a clinical study in comparison with conventional ovulation tests.


Due to its lipstick shape, the ovulation test is particularly discreet

Cost saving

You buy the device once for a long period of use and save yourself expensive ovulation tests from the competition.

How does the saliva-based determination work?

During the monthly cycle, hormonal changes occur in women. These also have an influence on saliva and can also be identified via it. During the fertile days, the salinity in saliva increases. The reason for the change in the composition of saliva is the dramatic increase in the level of estrogen before ovulation. In the dried saliva, the resulting salt crystals show a ferning-pattern under the mini microscope. Immediately before ovulation, this ferning-pattern is most clearly visible. On the less fertile days, the so-called gravel structure appears, which has motifs similar to dots or water bubbles.



The application of the Geratherm® ovu control

To perform the test, remove the small blue lens from the mini microscope, turn it upside down and place a drop of saliva on the center of the lens and let it dry well. It is important to carry out the test immediately after getting up or not to drink, eat, smoke, brush your teeth for at least 3 hours before the saliva is collected. After the saliva has dried, put the lens back on and now look through the lens, while simultaneously pushing the button to activate the light switch. You will now see the result for the day.


Questions and Answers

Place the lens with the arched outer side on an even surface. Place the saliva drop that you took from under the tongue with clean and dry fingers in the center of the lens. Dab it on the lens from above, making sure that you do not smear the drop and that there are no air bubbles or foam on the lens. The sample should cover the whole lens. Let the saliva sample dry at room temperature for 10-15 minutes.

Test daily, preferably early, right after getting up, before eating, drinking, smoking, brushing your teeth, etc. If you want to test later in the day, use the Geratherm® ovu control no earlier than 3 hours after eating, drinking, brushing your teeth or smoking.

No, the Geratherm® ovu control is not a contraceptive.

Please clean the lens after each use. Use a clean, dry (lint-free) or slightly damp cloth for this. Do not submerge the Geratherm® ovu control in the water.

Note: Do not clean the device and also the lens under running water and avoid cleaning the lens with detergents (dish soap, soap, etc.)


No. The increase in estrogen levels varies from woman to woman and from cycle to cycle. That is why an individual crystallization pattern can be seen in every woman.

No, for hygienic and health reasons, you should not use the test with another person, as bacteria and viruses can be transmitted in this way.

Certain medication or hormone preparations that either intervene with the menstrual cycle or change the secretion of saliva, as well as acute inflammations in the oral cavity or in the throat as well as salivary gland diseases can temporarily change the composition of the saliva and thus influence the result.

External influences such as drinking, eating, brushing teeth, rinsing the oral cavity, as well as smoking can falsify the result of the test. That's why the Geratherm® ovu control should be used no earlier than 3 hours after that.

Furthermore, the sample may be impaired when used outdoors, as direct sunlight could blind the display of the sample. For this reason, you should only use the test indoors and avoid bright ambient light.