8-Channel Head Array Coil 1.5 / 3.0 T

The MR Diagnostics nomag®IC advanced comprises a dedicated head coil. This allows for the precise recording of the brain. As a further product, LMT offers a separate body coil.


  • High resolution MR scan of the brain of premature and newborn babies up to circa 3 months or about 40 cm head circumference
  • 8-channel coil
  • cylindrical arrangement
  • pure receiver coil
  • Approved for use in MR Diagnostics Incubator Systems nomag®IC and nomag®IC advanced

Compatible with the software versions of:

  • Siemens (VA, VB, VD, VE)
  • Philips (≥ 3.2, ≥5.1.7)
  • GE (DV 24/25/26/27/28/29)
  • GE (SV 25/25.1)

Additional compatibilities in preparation